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Helga nominates Diana Muraskina for SAMOK board 2023

Student union Helga’s chair of the board Diana Muraskina nominated for the board of SAMOK, National Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences

Muraskina is currently the chair of Helga’s board. In this position, Diana not only leads the board, but is also responsible for overseeing the advocacy of all students of Haaga-Helia. Before his presidency, Muraskina served as a member of Helga’s board and on the board of his own subject association Sture ry.

Diana Muraskina is a determined advocate and a skilled argumentator, whose focus in all influence activities is defending the weaker. She commented on her nomination as follows:

“Promoting parity and equality are matters near and dear to my heart. I want to be involved in building a society where everyone can safely be themselves.

The prevailing world situation has lowered the feeling of basic security. Students’ mental health challenges and psychological burden have increased with even stricter study requirements and livelihood challenges. As a student movement, we must respond to these challenges and be a pioneer in fixing them.”

Ilmari Immonen
Campaign manager

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