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Apply for Helga’s volunteer commitee

The application for Helga’s volunteer committee, better known as Helga Staff, is open from 10.5. to 6.6.! All Helga members are eligible to apply as a volunteer, regardless of the degree program or campus. The duties of volunteers are considered on the basis of the applicants’ skills and personal interests. The application process takes into consideration the applicant’s motivation, skills, and interests.  

As a volunteer, you can be part of organizing various events and other tasks according to your own interests. The volunteers’ tasks include assisting with the practical arrangements of events, such as putting together Helga’s Freshers’ Day bags, decorating the annual gala’s venue, and handing out cover badges. As a volunteer, you get to develop your existing skills and learn new ones. This year, Helga will also update the photo bank, so as a volunteer, you can become a photographer and, if you wish, you can also act as a model. Volunteers will also be able to help with orientation week arrangements. During the orientation week, Helga’s new products will arrive and the products must be unpacked in the right places. The orientation week also includes other practical arrangements, such as putting together coverall packages and helping new students on campuses.

As a volunteer, you will receive a free ticket to the event you have been organizing and gain experience from a variety of assignments. Depending on the hours completed, you will also receive credits, which will be applied for from your guidance council. Credits are determined by how many hours you spend volunteering. 1 credit requires 27 hours of volunteer work, you will be able to apply up to 5 credits. At the end of the volunteer period, you write a report on your work, send it to Helga and we will read the report and let your guidance council know about the hours you have done. Volunteers will also be given their own shirts with the text “Helga Staff”.

Please send us your application on 6.6. by this link. The interviews will take place on week 23.

If you are studying in Haaga-Helia you can join your Student Union!

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