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Apply to become a Helga tutor!

Can you describe yourself as an active, social and generally nice person? Do you want to improve in performing to crowds, get an extensive network of active students, help your fellow students and additionally gain wider knowledge about how your school and Student Union Helga work? Do you want to help international degree students begin their lives and studies in Finland? Apply to become a peer tutor or exchange tutor from 1st of February!

Helga tutors are open, helpful and trustworthy; positive people who are easy to approach by new students, even the shier ones, during the information flood in the beginning of studies.During that you’ll be guiding the freshmen, providing support and marketing our school. The tutoring period normally lasts one year.


Peer tutor’s job is to introduce the school’s systems for new students, help freshers to familiarize themselves with student life and support their grouping process. Tutors will also assist with school related problems.

Exchange tutor´s job is tol help exchange students arriving in Haaga-Helia. Exchange tutors teach exchange students about Finland’s culture and manners in addition to the peer tutors tasks. Additionally, exchange tutors also have the opportunity to act as group facilitators for exchange trips organized by Timetravels through ESN Helga.

The tutoring period normally lasts one year. During that you’ll be guiding the freshmen, providing support and marketing our school.Tutoring is worth 3-5 credits. The credits will be received in exchange for a report of tutoring.

Application ends the 28th of February. All applicants will be invited to an interview at the end of the application period. The chosen tutors will be trained in a 2-part training, dates will be informed later!

The application can be found through this link.

More information:

Janina Brunfeldt
Vice-chairperson of Helga

Sharon Adeyemi
Board member of Helga

If you are studying in Haaga-Helia you can join your Student Union!

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