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BBA studies before and now

The second podcast of the Awareness of UAS education campaign, deals with BBA studies before and now. The podcast was hosted by Josefiina Lähdekorpi, a member of Helga’s 2020 Board of Directors, and the guests are Pyry Meriluoto, Chairman of Tradenomiopiskelijat 2020, and Petra Auvinen, BBA Alumni.
From the podcast, you can hear about, among other things, the opportunities offered by the bachelor’s degree and how the degree could be developed in the future.

You can listen to the BBA studies before and now podcast below.
Podcast is only in Finnish.

Awareness of UAS education is a campaign during which the student body distributes information about Haaga-Helia’s various degree titles and their contents to decision-makers. The aim is for decision-makers to identify the characteristics, working life goals, and structures of polytechnic degrees.

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