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Helga is involved in HALI- and VOIMA projects, financed by The Ministry of Education and Culture!

The purpose of the projects is to develop student well-being and inclusion, especially during distance learning. Together with students and specialists, we develop low-threshold activities that provide peer support for learning, guidance to promote student well-being, financial counseling, and support for emotion regulation.

HALI – Support for university guidance and student well-being through service design

The main focus of the project is on the hospitality students who, according to Karvi’s analysis, are the group of students most affected by the COVID-19 epidemic in Finland, and it is implemented in cooperation with Helga, Haaga-Helia, and Laurea. In total, the project will benefit about 18,000 students.


  • to support the development of students’ self-direction and self-management, as well as life management skills and abilities
  • alleviate the experience of loneliness
  • develop/organize tutoring activities
  • develop new low-threshold counseling and support services
  • develop peer support activities
  • strengthen community spirit
  • organize study psychology services
VOIMA – Strength, light, and peer support for university students

The project consists of four components:

  1. Peer support: peer group and study district activities together with student unions
  2. Support services: low-threshold welfare services – study psychologist and student unions involved in developing activities
  3. Emotion meter: The research-based emotion meter is integrated into the courses; Identifying and discussing emotions can highlight the need for additional support, and students can be referred directly from the courses to the above support services.
  4. Webinar Series: A series of four national webinars on higher education on self-direction, capacity building, emotion regulation, and learning skills. Implemented in collaboration with experts, psychologists, and students.

The project is implemented jointly by Häme UAS and Haaga-Helia UAS, whose student unions HAMKO and Helga are strongly involved in the design, implementation, and development of the model. The target group of the project is all students from both polytechnics.

In addition, Helga is involved in a joint project between student unions, the purpose of which is to increase students’ participation and community spirit in university communities through digital methods suitable for digital learning and distance learning. The project involves the Diakonia UAS student union O’Diako, Haaga-Helia UAS student union Helga, Laurea UAS student union Laureamko, Metropolia UAS student union METKA and Turku UAS student union TUO.

If you are studying in Haaga-Helia you can join your Student Union!

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