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In line for apartment

I am in line for free buckets and I am definitely not the only one. Luckily I am sitting safely by my own computer, and not in front of a discount store just about to open. Their purses and walking canes would swish and swoosh around. Only the strongest would survive in that battle.

I have been in line for several months now. I should have been on the move earlier, like small-town grandpas at 6 am. Most of them have already been taken and I am still just in 498th place in the line, and I don’t have any more days to waste.

I stare at the screen and update the page at the same pace as my grandma is knitting new socks. 497., 496., 495.,… The line seems to be moving at a good pace. Maybe they have more buckets than just for the first 100.

I think about the line behind me and wonder is it possible that someone could cut me. Those coming from further have right of way. And I race like Olavi races overtaking lane with his red Lada. Although the speedometer is showing a little bit less than 70 km/h and the speed keeps dropping, no matter how hard I press the gas pedal.

Slowly I am starting to lose my hope. Even an empty bucket would be fine if I just would get it before the guy that is behind me in the line.

Urban Policy Program for the Student Unions of University of Applied Sciences in the Helsinki Metropolitan area:
Sufficiently affordable student housing must be available to meet the diverse needs of students.

At the time when this blog is published HOAS has about 10 000 apartments and 5 200 apartment applications.
Apartments get granted to applicants on a necessity basis. Helsinki Metropolitan area must set the goal to that 600 new student apartments gets built each year, with accessibility, safety and location taken into account.

By voting in municipal elections, you can affect as an example how many new student apartments get zoned.

Pinja Packalén & Matti Pussinen

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