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Bulletin: New Student Representatives selected

Helsinki 24.11.2020

Helga’s representative council selected student representatives to the Haaga-Helia administration in the representative council’s meeting on 24.11.2020. The following representatives were selected:

The Board of Haaga-Helia

Iida Tervo

term: annual general meeting 2021 – annual general meeting 2023

Collegiate Body

Aleksi Airaksinen (student representative)

Kaisa Manner (substitute)

term: 2021 – 2022

Examination Committee

Aleksi Lehto (student representative)

Kaisa Manner (substitute)

term: 2021 – 2022

Restaurant Committee

Minna Huurrekorpi

Erica Alaluusua

Katja Humalainen

Aleksi Airaksinen

term: 2021

Scholarship committee for degrees with tuition fees

Penniina Pitkänen

term: from 1.1.2021 until further notice


Additional information:

Nelli Pihlasviita


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