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Bulletin: Representative Council assembled

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Helsinki 26.11.2020

In the assembly meetind today, 26th of November 2020, the Representative Council elected the chairperson and vice chairperson of the council. In addition, the council elected the new chairperson and vice chairperson of the board as well as board members. The council also chose the Electoral Committee for the year 2021.

The Chairperson of the Representative Council for the year 2021 is Iida Tervo (Helgan Kokoomuslaiset). The Vice Chairperson of the Representative Council is Josefiina Lähdekorpi (PROTalko).

The Chairperson of the Board 2021 is Minna Huurrekorpi and the Vice Chairpersons of the board are Erica Alaluusua and Julia Holma. The following people were voted to the board of Helga: Katja Humalainen, Waltteri Kallunki, Diana Murashkina, Matti Pussinen ja Kalle Uusitie.

“I thank the Representative council for their trust! I look forward to the coming year and new challenges. I believe that with the new board, we will continue to develop Helga as an organization and student advocate as a united front.” states the newly elected chairperson of the board Minna Huurrekorpi.

In addition, the council elected Viivi Koski as the new chairperson of the Central Election Committee. By a unanimous decision Alfred Eboreime, Tanja Hämäläinen, Kaisa Manner and Mari Rautanen were elected as members of the Electoral Committee.


For more information:

Chairperson of the board 2020
Iida Tervo

Chairperson of the board 2021
Minna Huurrekorpi

Executive Director
Jani Mäntysaaari
045 850 4280

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