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Erica Alaluusua for the SAMOK board of 2022

Erica Alaluusua

Haaga-Helia’s Student Union Helga nominates Erica Alaluusua for the SAMOK board of 2022.

Alaluusua studies journalism in Haaga-Helia and has been a board member of the Student Union for two years. In 2021, as the vice-chairperson of the board, she has been in charge of advocacy and communications. In addition, in 2021 she has been a board member in World Student Capital ry through which she has done municipal influencing. She has also been working towards a better UAS community in the association of journalism students in Haaga-Helia, Skuuppi ry. Now Alaluusua wants to improve the well-being of all students in the national UAS field.

“As a vice-chairperson of the board, Erica has proved her strong knowledge in student advocacy and communications. Her experience in municipal influencing brings a perfect addition to SAMOK which aims to influence towards better election themes of the political parties from student perspective. However, SAMOK also has to build a parliamentary election campaign that encourages students to vote, and make SAMOK’s goals known for future decision-makers. Erica’s experience with the renewal of two political programs gives SAMOK skills which enables SAMOK to make the best version possible of their political program next year.” -Minna Huurrekorpi, the chairperson of the Helga board

Alaluusua has developed her political knowledge not only in the Student Union but also in her studies and outside of them. Alaluusua has completed studies in social sciences, cultural politics, and law. Her experience and education in journalism has given her special skills in information acquisition and argumentation. Alaluusua is indeed skilled and convincing in fact-argumentation.

”I want to develop SAMOK ‘s member services. In addition, social security reform needs to take the diverse community of students and their different life situations into account. Students need to be heard better. At the moment, there is a University correspondent in Helsingin Sanomat. Maybe next year we’ll get a Universities of Applied Sciences correspondent?” Alaluusua sums up.

Alaluusua can gladly meet up with you and can be reached by email and in social media.

Campaign manager 
Minna Huurrekorpi
040 702 4554

Erica Alaluusua
Instagram: @eecsu 
Facebook: Erica Alaluusua

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