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Helga’s Freshers Day 8th of February 2023

08.02.2023 KLO 14:00 - 09.02.2023 KLO 04:00

What is Freshers’ Day?

Freshers’ Day is a checkpoint tour organized for new students, which often also has an afterparty. Freshers’ Day often starts after lunch, which results in the cancellation of either the whole day’s or the afternoon’s classes. Freshers’ Day is held in the center of Helsinki. Students of Haaga, Malmi and Pasila campuses go to the Freshers’ Day on their own. Bus transportation to and from Helsinki is organized for Porvoo students. Vierumäki does not have new students in the spring.

The checkpoint tour is done with your own class group with the help of tutors. You will receive a map that takes you to your destinations. There are usually around 20 checkpoints. In addition to Helga, various partners and Haaga-Helia’s associations hold them. Different group-building and fun tasks are performed on the checkpoints. Your group receives points on the checkpoints. It is possible to get 0-100 points from regular checkpoints and 0-200 points from Helga’s checkpoint. There is not necessarily always a logic in determining the points, but the checkpoint holders have been instructed to score well on student groups that have good team spirit. A group shout or song that is part of the theme can also help to get extra points from checkpoint holders.

Freshers always have a theme that students are encouraged to dress according to. This year the theme is childhood dream jobs. As a dress code, we recommend student coveralls + theme dressing and, of course, also gearing up for the weather! All the groups participating in the Freshers’ Day are also automatically included in the competition, where the groups with the best points from the checkpoint tour, the best clothing, the best exchanged object and the best group spirit are awarded. The best points are calculated on the basis of the returned score cards, and the best clothing and team spirit are evaluated together with the checkpoint holders and organizers.

This spring’s Freshers’ Day checkpoints are located outside in Helsinki’s parks, so put some warm clothes on to survive in the Finnish winter. As usual, the afterparty will be held indoors.


Tickets are bought together with the tutors, who know how to instruct the freshers in everything they need. The regular fresher ticket is 10e for members or 20e for non-members. This ticket includes a checkpoint tour, coverall badge and afterparty ticket, so you don’t need to buy it separately. Everyone must pay the cloakroom fee themselves (3.5e). Please note that tickets do not have the right of cancellation. The ticket price amount is not refunded except if you have a doctor’s certificate.

Tickets will be bought from Helga’s webstore. Easiest way to find the tickets is to insert in search bar “Freshers’ Day Helga” or with the code #helgafreshers23
Event tickets will come to sale on Monday 23.2. 10 o’clock
Event tickets need to be purchased latest on Friday 3.2. 14 o’clock
Check with tutors that you have bought the ticket with the right campus on it. If there are some mistakes or problems please contact Helga

Checkpoint map

Link will be added here later.

Facebook event

Link to FB event:

Schedule of the day

Link will be added here later.

Busses (only Porvoo students)

Helga offers buss rides for the Porvoo students to be able to attend the Freshers’ Day. You do not have to sign up for the buss anywhere. Bus will leave the Porvoo campus 14:15 on the event day and arrive to the main railway station of Helsinki around 15:00. From Helsinki to Porvoo the bus will leave from the same spot 00:30 and leave the students at Porvoo campus. Bus is free for the students.

Accessibility of the event

All the checkpoints have been placed in the most accessible locations near the roads tha go through the parks. HSL’s public transportation can be reached at the location, also cars have the possibility to drive close to the checkpoints and the distances have been shortened from before, so that it would not take a lot of time and effort to move. We know that this area can be challenging in winter, for example when moving around in a wheelchair. Please let us know if you have special needs at: and we can help you with your participation!

The afterparty venue is Maxine nightclub, which also has an accessible entrance. The checkpoint tour map is also available as a digital version in addition to the paper version that will be distributed during the day. Disabled toilets are marked on the map. Personal assistants participate in the event for free.

Harassment free zone and contact people

What is harassment? Read more: 

All the event organized by Helga are harassment free. By buying the ticket you agree to follow the rules not to harass anyone. If you encounter any harassment in the events please let us know through the specialist help: 

All Helga’s events have it own harassment contact people as well. You can let them now immediately during the event if you see or face any harassment. We will announce closer to the event who will act as harassment contact persons, and from which number they can be reached. Contacting the harassment contact person you make sure that we are aware of the harassment and can possibly take actions from your wish.


08.02.2023 KLO 14:00
09.02.2023 KLO 04:00