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Mushroom Hunt 2021 – Talko ry

24.04.2021 KLO 12:00 - 17:00

Mushroom Hunt is here again! This time the mushrooms are hidden around the Helsinki area. As in The Amazing Race, participants are trying to find the right spots with different clues. You can participate in this treasure hunt from the comfort of your own sofa since the adventure will take place on Google Maps. Are you up for this challenge??
The Event is part of Helga’s 8 Day MayDay.

WHAT? Talko’s MayDay event – Mushroom Hunt. Your task is simple: find the 10 mushrooms that are hidden around the Helsinki area. To find the mushrooms you’ll need to solve clues that put your Helsinki knowledge to a test. Don’t worry if the city is not that familiar, a little aid from Google won’t be looked down upon!

HOW? On the event day (24.4.) we will host a Zoom where you will get a link to the hunt. You can complete the hunt by yourself or as a team following the clues found behind the link. If you face any difficulties, we will help you via Zoom. After finding all 10 mushrooms, join our Zoom meeting and let us know where you found them and we will give you the event code for the Wappupassi.
There will be some activities during the Zoom-event and we will be handing out some prizes for the best mushroom hunters!


12:00 - 17:00