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#Helga8Wappu Challenge!

Due to an exceptional situation this year’s traditional Wappu event is cancelled, but it does not mean that you can’t get your Wappu diploma!

This year we have planned the #helga8wappu -challenge. In this challenge, we have different tasks for each day to earn your diploma! We are publishing new task every day till 1st of May on Instagram. In total, there are 14 tasks.

Send us 14 pictures of your performance via Instagram and ask the diploma via email Last day for sending your performance will be at the 2nd of May. You can laminate and get the lanyard for the diploma from Helga office next autumn.

Don’t have an Instagram-account? Don’t worry, here’s a list of every task for you! You can do all the tasks at the same day or in parts. You can also send pictures for us via email.

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1. Guess the weather for Vappu (1st of May)

2. Make traditional Finnish wappu drink sima (you find our recipe at Instagram, there is a lot of different recipes on internet). You can also take a picture of your favorite wappu drink or show us what you will be drinking at 1st of May.

3. Sew patches on your coveralls! If you don’t have anything to sew on, you can also take a picture of your favorite patch or design your own patch.

4. Tune your own wappu hat! Use your imagination.

5. Take your coveralls for a walk! IF you’re not able to go outside, you can show them some sunshine from balcony, terrace or window.

6. Decorate you wappu glass! We used a champagne glass, but you can decorate any glass you like!

7. Make your own wappu drink! You’ll find our recipe from Instagram, but you can make your own or show us our favorite mix.

8. Show us your wappu style or make a new one! What is your go to look for Wappu?

9. Recycle your trashs right! We’ll be sharing tips for how to recycle your wappu trash correctly. Show us yours!

10. Let’s do some exercise! Today we’ll get our bodies ready for Wappu.

11. Let’s cook for the Wappu picnic! What will you be eating at your own Wappu picnic?

12. We need more food for our picnic! This day we’ll be making traditional doughnuts for Wappu.

13. Share some spirit! Give your friends and family your Wappu greetings!

14. Wappu picnic! Put a blanket on your living room or your balcony, make a setting with your picnic lunch, put on your coveralls and open the champagne. It’s Wappu now!

If you are studying in Haaga-Helia you can join your Student Union!

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