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Ways to develop competence during the exceptional conditions

Due to the prevailing exceptional conditions, all of Haaga-Helia’s five campuses will remain closed until the 31st of May. Haaga-Helia, among other polytechnics, is committed to ensuring that students’ studies proceed at the planned pace. This has been relatively successful, as most of the implementations have been made possible through remote studying or other alternative means.

Competence and knowledge can always be acquired elsewhere, and therefore Haaga-Helia has its own processes in acknowledging said acquired competence. Even if everything isn’t directly transferable to study credits, developing, expanding and deepening one’s knowledge is valuable in itself and will most probably be useful in one way or another someday.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a study method, where a student completes a course / courses by showing his/hers prior learning. By utilizing the RPL method, students can complete their studies faster and they do not have to study topics/skills they already know/have.

There are two ways to utilize the RPL method – direct transfer of credits and demonstration. The following principles are adhered on them:

Direct transfer of credits:

The credits completed at the following places can be transferred to be part of the student’s degree at Haaga-Helia, if they fulfil the requirements set by the degree programme:

  • Another Finnish university/university of applied sciences
  • Foreign university/university of applied sciences
  • Open/summer university

The studies can be completed either before or during the studies at Haaga-Helia and the student needs a certificate or a degree of those studies. The credits can either replace the compulsory/elective studies or they be included in the free-choice studies.


The student can complete either whole or parts of courses by demonstrating his/hers knowledge/skills learned via the following experiences:

  • Courses/degree in a vocational school
  • Work place
  • Own company
  • Free time, e.g. hobbies

The student and the teacher responsible of the course negotiate the best way to demonstrate the learning. The studies completed via demonstration are evaluated with the same criteria and grading as other studies. If the student does not pass the demonstration, (s)he can complete the course in the regular way.

Please note, that all applications of RPL are addressed individually. If you face difficulties during the process you can fill out Helga’s “What’s wrong?” form.

More info from MyNet or from your own study counselor.


You can complete both compulsory and elective studies through work-based learning, if your work tasks support your degree’s learning goals. Besides paid job Work & Study can be done when working as an entrepreneur, as a volunteer or as a hobby.

The Work & Study process starts by familiarizing yourself with the intended learning outcomes of your degree programme. Compare them with the duties and responsibilities of your work, and if they are compatible, pursue by preparing a Work&Study plan in MyNet (Study Instructions > Work & Study). After filling the form, your Work & Study coach will contact you and together you will agree on contents, schedule, demonstration methods and theory basis. You should also contact your workplace and inform them about Work & Study. It would be beneficial to get some support and feedback from your workplace contact person during the process.

Please note, that all applications of RPL are addressed individually. If you face difficulties during the process you can fill out Helga’s “What’s wrong?” form at: mikämättää.fi

More info from MyNet or from your own study counselor.


Haaga-Helia responds to the COVID-19 pandemic by enabling the earning of 1 to 5 credits for volunteering in anything that can be considered relieving the crisis, ranging from helping risk groups with groceries to babysitting etc. The purpose of the course is to increase solidarity and community spirit – however, always consider the regulations and instructions given by the authorities.


Haaga-Helia’s StartUp School enables entrepreneurship to be studied practically for students in all degree programs. Suitable for both entrepreneurs and those interested in entrepreneurship. Registration for some projects is in progress.


As part of the strategic co-operation of Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia (3AMK), the three major polytechnics in the Helsinki metropolitan area, students from these universities can choose and complete courses from the shared course palette.

Enrollment open for:

3AMK also offers a wide variety of languages. Students can also make use of some of the languages offered in Aalto University.

Enrollment period for the 3AMK courses starts 18.5.2020 and ends 8.6.2020.

CAMPUSONLINE.FI offers you the selection of online courses by more than twenty Finnish universities of applied sciences.

You can select courses from another university of applied sciences free of charge and include these studies in your degree. makes it possible for you to study courses 100% online: simply enrol on courses provided by different universities of applied sciences and complete courses conveniently regardless of time and place – wherever best suits you. Enrollment for summer studies is open.

After completing courses you apply the credits to be transferred in the Puro service.


For the time being, Haaga-Helia’s library services remotely. All loans with a due date on 2 March, 2020 or later have been renewed until 2 September, 2020.

Digital magazines and articles available for students of Haaga-Helia.

E-Books for students of Haaga-Helia.

Materials made free by the publisher for the duration of the corona crisis.

E-book selections of the public libraries:

  • Helmet (Helsinki / capital region)
  • Helle (Porvoo / Uusimaa)
  • Lastu (Heinola / Päijät-Häme)


During the current circumstances, the Open University of the University of Helsinki offers free studies for everyone. Registration is currently in progress. Among other things, the offer includes the popular Elements of AI artificial intelligence course in both Finnish and English (and, if necessary, in Swedish).

University of Helsinki’s faculty of Information Technology also offers a variety of their own open free courses.

Aalto University offers a free online course in entrepreneurship.

The extensive course palette of the Helsinki Summer University also includes open polytechnic and university studies. However, the courses are subject to a fee. A separate certificate of performance is available on request.

The possibility to transfer the credits through RPL should be inquired beforehand.


MOOCs aka. Massive Open Online Courses, are a network in full swing and on a wide range of themes, from the offerings of top international universities. Here is an overview of a few platforms and other eLearning services.

Canvas Network

  • Free online courses to enable teaching staff to continue learning.

Class Central

  • MOOC directory, which contains, among other things, the free online teaching offer of Ivy League universities.


  • Learning and practicing coding with the “learning by doing” method. Free version with limited capabilities.


  • Free online courses both offered by partner universities and implemented by large technology companies.


  • An app for studying languages in game-like way.


  • Free online studies from top universities. Also includes content produced by companies and organizations.


  • Free online courses both offered by partner universities and implemented by companies and organizations.

Google Digital Garage

  • Google’s own free digital skills training program. Possibility to earn a variety of certificates.

Khan Academy

  • Free online courses. Organized by a non-profit organization.

  • Due to the prevailing circumstances caused by the coronavirus, a number of Finnish educational technology companies began to offer their solutions and services free of charge.


  • Free online courses on the offer of partner universities in Spanish and Portuguese.


  • Free IT training offered in April.


  • Top speakers can be streamed on TED Talks. Concise TED-Ed instructional videos on interesting themes.

Several providers may charge additional fees for a course certificate, even if the studies themselves are free of charge.


The membership of the Student Union Helga includes an online training platform, where you can find various online trainings related to, for example, job search and working life skills.

If you are studying in Haaga-Helia you can join your Student Union!

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