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Helga’s board was supplemented


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Helsinki 26.05.2021

Haaga-Helia’s student union Helga elected a new vice-chairperson and a member for the Helga board in their meeting on Wednesday May 26, 2021. Katja Humalainen, a Business Information Technology student, who has previously served as a member of the Board in 2021, was elected as the second Vice Chairperson of the Board.

“I look forward to develop Helga into an even more united student union, to which every Haaga-Helia student is welcome just as they are!” Humalainen comments after the election.

Helmi Timperi, a Business Service Solutions and Languages student, was elected as the new member of the Helga board in a supplementary election. Timperi was not able to attend the meeting.

Humalainen and Timperi will start in their new positions on 1st of August, 2021. The student union Helga warmly welcomes the new board member and congratulates both selected for the new positions!


For more information:

Jani Mäntysaari

Executive Director

Minna Huurrekorpi


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