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Video: The Bachelor of hospitality management in the future

The student union Helga’s Awareness of the University of Applied Sciences education will continue during May with restaurant training. The purpose of the campaign is to increase awareness of bachelor’s studies and the education leading to its degree.

This video panel will decide on the restoration-themed portion of the campaign!
Bachelor of hospitality management in the future video panel addresses the future needs of the UAS studies so they can meet the requirements of the customer base.

What are the ways to develop education and what is needed from the perspective of the SUREO, the representative of working life, the student of Haaga-Helia, and the teacher?

Visitors to the video panel are Kesko Food Solutions Manager Anssi Nurminen, Chairperson of SUREO Niklas Honkalehto, student representative Patrick Tuovinen and Haaga-Helia representative Kiti Häkkinen. The podcast has been hosted by Julia Holma, Vice Chairman of the Board of Helga in 2021.

Watch the video below. The video is only in Finnish.


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