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Helga´s Summer Greetings

Helga’s summer greetings: It feels bizarre to write summer greetings from the office when you don’t really realize that the school year is coming to an end and there hasn’t really been that much time spent at the office in the past couple of months.

However, the amount of work that has been done, both here in the Helga board and, no doubt, at the end that reads this post, has been a lot. It cannot be overemphasized that spring has been truly exceptional and has driven us all to act in a whole new way. For Haaga-Helia and Helga, however, the sudden digital leap happened quite comfortably, and the board quickly caught up with this new kind of everyday life.

Outwardly, it may seem to some extent that our activities have slowed down when we couldn’t spend Helga’s 8 days of Wappu the traditional way or set out to train new tutors at Kiljava. From the home offices, however, the board, with the help of the employees, has been working on events scheduled for the fall, investing in dialogue with student associations, and the communications team has done a tremendous amount of work to get a great new website up for the fall semester.

A couple of surveys were also commissioned this spring semester, thank you to everyone who answered them! On the basis of them, a few statements were written. There is a blog about traffic in Porvoo and the effects of distance learning on everyday life.

How the fall semester will start is still very uncertain, but I really hope to get back on campus with everyone. By following both Helga’s and Haaga-Helia’s official information channels (eg MyNet), you will find the most up-to-date information on the effects of exceptional circumstances on our university of applied sciences.

The times are strange, but I hope the summer would be good, even in terms of the weather, so that you can enjoy it wherever you spend the summer.

Iida Tervo
Chairperson of the Helga board

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