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Year of Wellness -campaign 2019-2020

Helga’s Year of Wellness campaign will be completed with the theme of “Love” in May. The campaign was implemented in the academic year 2019-2020 with nine monthly changing themes, which were selected based on the concerns expressed in the University Student Health Survey (KOTT 2016).

The themes chosen were:

  • September 2019: be the community
  • October 2019: learn to learn
  • November 2019: be happy
  • December 2019: be you
  • January 2020: be healthy
  • February 2020: recognize, intervene
  • March 2020: don’t stress
  • April 2020: relax
  • May 2020: love

The goals of the campaign were promoted extensively through social media channels, the student union website and Haaga-Helia’s internal intranet, as well as various activities on the university campuses. Both self-produced and partner-produced content and materials were used to highlight the selected themes.

Fruits of the campaign:

  • An interactive digital service to be launched in connection with the new website, which helps the student with the everyday problems they face – whether they were related to studies or the student’s daily life. The student is directed to the right service in each situation and / or given instructions on how to proceed in any case.
  • Study groups together with the AOKK.
  • WelfareAppro’s expansion to campuses and the refinement and consolidation of the concept.
  • Extending the harassment liaison model to events and occasions.
  • The renaissance of club activities.
  • Tapes, posters and signs to make wellness services more discoverable on campuses.
  • Safety net and welfare support services compiled into websites Where can I get help? section.
  • Welfare perspective in tutor training.
  • Student well-being webinar for Haaga-Helia’s staff and stakeholders.
  • Making the Community a strategic priority.
  • Both group and individual lifestyle guidance / coaching piloted at Haaga-Helia. Valuable data for Zone exercise services.
  • Helga’s Blood Group was awarded a silver certificate in 2019.
  • Opportunity to utilize the processes and procedures created during the campaign as well as the content and materials produced later.
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