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Concerns about students’ resilience during exceptional circumstances

The Student Union of Haafa-Helia – Helga: Concerns about students’ resilience are emphasized during exceptional circumstances

According to a survey conducted by the student union of Haaga-Helia – Helga and SAMOK, up to 47% of UAS students have experienced their coping during exceptional circumstances worse or very much worse. The decrease in motivation is also significant and was especially pronounced among students in the early stages of their studies. Coping, on the other hand, has declined, especially for those students who have experienced a significant decline in social relationships during an emergency. The task of the survey was to find out the students’ coping and well-being, as well as the quality of teaching during distance learning.

“As the student union, our concern is especially focused on students who started now in January and whose grouping was interrupted due to an exceptional situation. Knowing how to belong to a group supports well-being and creates a successful study experience, ”says Iida Tervo, chairperson of the Board.

As the situation stabilizes, considerable efforts should be made to motivate and cope with students in order to avoid longer-term effects on well-being. Universities and student health care need to pay attention to the scope and availability of services in the fall when students are most likely to return to school. Decision-makers need to ensure that the college has adequate resources to provide support services.

“Haaga-Helia is in a good position with support services that it provides. However, it is not perfect, as half of the respondents were not aware of the services. Raising awareness requires work from both the university and the student union, ”emphasizes Iida Tervo.

Although distance learning due to the corona is temporary, it can be seen from the responses that for many students, face-to-face teaching and active collaboration with other students are important. Fatigue due to the corona situation must be supported by student health care services, so that problems do not accumulate and remain affected even after an exceptional situation, the well-being of students and the progress of studies.

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