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Student union Helga is looking for student representatives for Haaga-Helia’s administration and for other positions

Would you like to be able to have a concrete influence on the affairs of your own university of applied sciences? Now there is a great opportunity for that, because there are open positions for student representatives in Haaga-Helia’s decision-making bodies! The following administrative student representative positions are open:

Restaurant committee

The restaurant committee is an informative and negotiating cooperative body that does not have decision-making power regarding the restaurant management agreement between Kiinteistö Oy Opetustalo and the restaurant owner. The restaurant committee acts as a cooperation body for Opetustalo, restaurant and cafe and their users. The term of office is one (1) year starting on January 1st 2024. Four (4) regular members, not alternate members, are elected as representatives. The operating language of the restaurant committee is Finnish.

Election Committee

Committee of the Student Union. The Committee oversees the election procedures of the Student Union. It also accepts the candidates and validates the result. You must be a member of Helga to apply. The term of office is one (1) year starting on January 1st 2024. The chairperson and two (2) to ten (10) regular members, not alternate members, are elected as representatives. The main operating language of the Election Committee is Finnish, but participation is also possible in English.

Helga’s representative council will choose the student representatives of the restaurant committee at its autumn meeting on 15.11. at 17.00 and the election committee at the organizational meeting of the new representative board on 21.11. 17.00. You can apply to the positions by filling out the application form here before the meetings in question or by running for office at the autumn meeting of the Representative Council or at the organizational meeting of the new Representative Council.

The duration of the positions is one (1) calendar year, so it is desirable that you are able to commit to positions of trust for the entire term. All Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences students in education leading to a degree are eligible for election to the positions. If the elected student representative loses their eligibility in the middle of the term, for example due to graduation, they are considered to have resigned from their position of trust. The student must notify the student union well in advance of losing their eligibility, so that a new student representative can be elected.

The selections will be announced on the student union’s official information channels and to the applicants personally. The names will also be communicated to Haaga-Helia.

For more information about the tasks, please contact Helga’s advocacy and influencing specialist:

Rico Martikainen
+358 40 847 9350

If you are studying in Haaga-Helia you can join your Student Union!

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