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Taking care of yourself helps you cope with your studies and prepares you for working life

“What you learn when you’re young, you master when you’re old” is a good saying. The saying could also be applied to “what you learn in higher education, you master at work”. When studying at a university of applied sciences you collect valuable information for the future working life. Knowledge is collected not only about the field of study, but also about individuals’ own way of working, coping, maintaining well-being and many other important topics in terms of working life.

Let’s focus this time on maintaining well-being. You’ve probably heard someone talk about the importance of children and young people’s movement and well-being. How expensive sports are today, how video games take time away from exercise and how exercise is important for development, social relationships and health.

Without taking anything away from children and young people, where does a group that has already moved on from youth, such as students, disappear in these discussions? There are approximately 300,000 higher education students in Finland. There are already more than 10,000 students in Haaga-Helia alone. Their advocates, such as Student Unions and their umbrella organizations, are the only groups who are interested in taking care of the well-being and movement of students. These organizations try their best to bring the concerns of this forgotten group to the attention of decision makers.

Well-being during studies is what carries to working life, which we all know well that Finland needs every student. Movement supports comprehensive well-being, well-being supports studying, and studies lead to a sustainable working life. Everyone knows the saying “a well-being student is a well-being employee of the future”.

In addition to influencing society, an individual can enhance their own well-being. Of course, we have to be aware that there is much more to well-being than physical movement. Rest, nutrition, relationships… The list is endless but let’s focus this time on movement. When I talk about exercise, it can be anything from sweating exercises to changing work positions while studying.

So enhance your own well- being with these three tips related to movement during your studies.


3 tips on how to affect your own well-being during your studies.

-Get a membership from Zone and get to know their services. As a member of Helga, you have access to all Zone services.

-During lecture breaks or between lectures, leave the classroom, preferably visit outdoors for a while. If the lecturer does not interrupt the lecture, you can ask if it would be possible to take a short break, if not, you can stand up to the side of the class for a while during the class. Take stairs instead of elevators, if possible.

-The best study position is always the following position. Stand, sit cross-legged, back straight, back hunched. It doesn’t matter, as long as you change the position. During the distance lecture, could you  move at the same time, or perhaps lay down?


Let’s improve the well-being of all students together!

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Julia Tuuri
Helga Specialist
Events, sports and tutoring

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