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Teemu Virtanen as the specialist of advocacy and influencing

The Student Union of Haaga-Helia – Helga’s board has chosen Teemu Virtanen as the new specialist responsible for advocacy and influencing. Virtanen is studying Physics at the University of Oulu.

In their position Virtanen will be working as part of Helga’s advocacy team. Their main responsibilities include the development of the local and municipal advocacy of the student union, something that is also a strategic level main goal for Helga in the coming years.

”Getting to work and influence for better student life is very meaningful and interesting. I cannot wait to meet all the actives of the student union”, Virtanen tells.

Virtanen has previously acted as a board member of the National Union of University Students in Finland and as the vice-chairperson of the board of the Student Union of the University of Oulu. They have experience and competence from different levels of politics and this year they have also been the President of the Student Council of OYY.

“We have emphasized student wellbeing in recent years. Teemu has vast knowledge of student wellbeing matters and therefore I believe that they have a lot to offer especially in this area”, states the executive director Jani Mäntysaari.

Helga’s office warmly welcomes Teemu as part of our team. Teemu Virtanen begins in their new position on 16.9.2021.

Further information:
Jani Mäntysaari
Executive Director

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