The charity event raised money for student mental health work

The student union Helga and Haaga-Helia’s associations Atkins, ESN Helga, IDS Helga, Pore, Skuuppi, and Sture together wanted to be involved in doing good in the midst of the students’ mental health crisis. In Apollo, Helsinki, 15.12. We organized Good together: preXmas party and gathered students to celebrate the end of the autumn semester. All ticket proceeds for the event were donated to support Nyyti ry‘s activities.

The total donation amount was 3188,50 euros. The raised funds will be used to promote students’ mental health and ability to study and to prevent mental health problems. You can read more about Nyyti’s activities here.

Here is the greeting from Nyyti ry:

The past two years have been a very special time for students and study communities with shared experiences of the time of the pandemic. Due to the COVID-19 situation, distance learning has been suitable for others to study well and has made it easier to reconcile learning and the rest of life, and on the other hand, it has increased study difficulties, mental nausea, and loneliness. These increased mental health symptoms are really worrying and require many actions during the day.

It is important to remember that promoting mental health is our common task. At the societal level, it is important to consider the mental health implications of decisions and build to everyday life, what supports good mental health.

In our study communities and in all our own communities, we can all influence how we support well-being and resilience through our own activities. Remember to ask each other “How are you ?”, listen and keep care for each other. Compassion has tremendous power and significance. It can be accomplished in very small ways, such as encountering and paying attention to another’s feelings. At the same time, you can strengthen your own experience of mental well-being. Strengthening the community also belongs to everyone, and loneliness can be prevented by taking care that everyone has the possibility to get involved in groups.

Each of us has mental health and each of us should take good care of our own mental health. It is important to recognize the habits and means that are in your daily life to strengthen endurance. Your own well-being can be improved by small nice deeds that bring good well-being and mind. “What’s up?” is a question that is good to ask yourself. Listening to ourselves and minding ourselves helps each of us take care of our own mental health. When one is facing difficulties or the mind is depressed or anxious, the real act of mental health to self is talking to another and seeking help.

We would like to wish you the most comfortable celebration together and we would like to warmly thank your support for Nyyti ry and for promoting the mental health of the students!

Minna Savolainen
Executive Director, Nyyti ry

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