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The Student Union of Haaga-Helia – Helga nominates Minna Huurrekorpi for the chairperson of the Finnish Student Sports Federation in year 2023

Minna is a 26-year-old third-year Culinary management student from Haaga-Helia. She has been a member of Helga’s Board in 2020, Chairperson of the Board in 2021 and this year 2022, she acts as a Chairperson of the Representative Council. Minna is also part of the membership work group of the Finnish Student Sports Federation. Over the years, she has learned to be a people-oriented leader who knows how to keep all the threads in her hands despite sudden changes in the operating environment. Minna’s sports background is in Ringette for 20 years as an instructor, player and a referee at various league levels. She has been able to monitor and develop sports organization activities locally as well as at the federal level.

“Minna has accumulated strong expertise as Chairperson of both the Board and the Representative Council. It is easy to work with her and she performs her duties with solid professionalism. Minna has experience in renewing the student union’s strategy and political program, leading projects, and serving as the supervisor for the Executive Director. She has been actively involved in the activities of the Finnish Student Sports Federation through the membership working group and sector meetings, and I believe that she has the necessary skills to take the Federation forward in the future.” comments Diana Murashkina, Chairperson of the Board.

The Federations strategy has highlighted the search for a sustainable membership model solution, and a separate membership working group was set up for this purpose. A sustainable membership model will ensure that the Federations finances and operational capacity will hold in the future. This autumn’s general assembly is really important because it will make decisions based on the groundwork of the membership working group. These decisions will affect the future activities and structure of the Federation.

Whatever the membership model will be in the future, the relationship between the Federation and its current and potential new member organizations is in the key role. It will be especially important next year to clarify the activities of the Federation for member organizations and to develop its activities so the members feel that they benefit from the membership.

“I have been involved in planning possible new solutions for the Federation to ensure the continuity of its operations and I want to be implementing them next year in accordance with the decisions of the general assembly. Acquiring new members for the Federation requires raising its profile, so opening up new avenues for discussion is a big part of that work. In order to make the Federation more attractive, there must be even more active discussions with the member organizations about what they hope to get as members of the Federation, and steps must be taken to meet these wishes.” summarizes Minna Huurrekorpi.

Ehdokas Minna Huurrekorpi
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