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Taru Moisiola to be the new Specialist in Communications and Membership Services

The Student Union of Haaga-Helia’s board has elected Taru Moisiola to be the new specialist in communications and membership services. Moisiola will be working as the specialist for Helga’s support and communications teams. Responsibilities include especially the coordination and development of the student union’s communications, but also improving of the membership services to better answer to the needs of all Haaga-Helia’s students.

“I’m thrilled to be able to work for the benefit of the entire Haaga-Helia community, together with the community. Furthermore I’m expecting to take my next step in my own career dreams, make my visions come true and at the same time learn and see loads of new stuff”, summarizes Moisiola.

Alumni of University of Tampere, Moisiola did her Master’s in Economics specialising in Marketing. She accumulated experience in communications and student matters when she was part of the board of directors at Boomi ry.

“The experience and views of developing the communications of the student union that Moisiola brought to the table caught our attention during the recruitment process. Taru brings new and fresh ideas to the organization and we are delighted to have her on board sailing for the new strategy period”, sums up Anna Laurila, Helga’s Executive Director.

Helga’s office warmly welcomes Taru to the team. Moisiola will start in her new position from the beginning of August.

More information
Anna Laurila

Executive Director

+358 45 850 4280

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