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Kalle Tuunanen as a specialist in advocacy and influencing

On 9th of August, 2022, Haaga-Helia’s student union Helga’s board has chosen Kalle Tuunanen to be the new advocacy and influencing specialist. Tuunanen will work as a specialist with Helga’s best interest in mind. He is responsible for the coordination and development of the student union’s interest monitoring and the orientation of the student representatives of the administration.

“I’m really excited to be able to work to promote the equality and well-being of Haaga-Helia students”, says Tuunanen.

Tuunanen has graduated Tampere University of Applied Sciences as a Bachelor of Social Services and furthered his studies in University of Tampere, completing his Masters’ in Social Sciences. He has practical working experience in different projects employed by the city of Tampere and working as a social advisor.

“Tuunanen convinced us especially with his understanding of social policy and readiness to execute even more effective operations on a communal level. His strengths were especially the ability to meet our students with warmth and care for their worries and work as their representative. Kalle’s thoughts on for example advancing equality will surely help develop the entire community of Haaga-Helia. We are very excited to have Kalle join us as part of Helga!”, exclaims executive director Anna Laurila.

Helga’s office crew wishes their welcomes to Kalle. Tuunanen will start in his new position 30th of August.

Further information:
Anna Laurila
Executive Director
+358 45 850 4280

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