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Supplementary application for Helga’s board is open!

The Helga’s Board of 2022 will be supplemented and the new board member will be elected at the Representative Council meeting 21st of September. The board’s term is the calendar year of 2022.

We will publish more information about the meeting closer to the date. At the end of this bulletin you can read more about Helga’s actions and what Helga does. For more information please contact the Chairperson of the Representative Council Minna Huurrekorpi, or the Chairperson of the Board Diana Murashkina,


We recommend applying before the Representative Council meeting on 21st of September. You can apply in advance by submitting a written free-form application to the Representative Council at You can also apply by standing as a candidate at the Representative Council meeting. It has been a custom to hold a question time for candidates, where Representatives have the opportunity to get to know the applicants more and ask questions. It’s recommended to be present at the meeting for this reason!

Anybody can apply

Helga is a learning organization so there are no requirements for previous experience. With us you get to develop your skills in a supportive team. It’s enough that you are interested in the student union’s function and are ready to commit.

The board members work during days and also evenings when needed. The goal is however that meetings and assemblies are held during office hours.

Versatile tasks

Helga’s processes are divided into four categories: Advocacy, Community, Support and Communications. The board members select tasks by preference from different areas. In this supplementary application the elected board member will be working mainly in Communications.

Tell us in your application which tasks you are interested in. Members of the board do many different tasks so please keep your mind open. Every team is supported by a specialist.

Advocacy team

The Advocacy team represents students in Haaga-Helia’s working committees. The goal is to improve our education’s quality and students’ conditions in the University of Applied Sciences (UAS).

The work is done through meeting the UAS’s management regularly along with different interest groups such as youth and student organizations. Advocacy work is both local and national.

Community team

The Community team plans, executes and develops activities that concern the community. You can apply by one of two ways: by sending your application beforehand or by running as a candidate in the representative council’s meeting on the 28th of March.These include for example recruiting and training tutors, Helga’s events, club activities, and also international action groups IDS and ESN.

Sports advocacy on both local and national levels are also part of the Community team’s tasks. This advocacy is done with our sports service Zone and the Finnish Student Sports Federation.

Support team

The Support team plans and executes member services and refines management. The team tends to those processes and activities that do not directly concern Advocacy, Community or Communications.

These processes include Helga Point member service points and products sold there, collaboration agreements, product orders, and campus godparenting.

Communications team

The Communication team’s tasks are varied. They include for example the Helga Splash -newsletter, updating websites, communications and brand development, and also communicating about Helga’s activities together with process managers.

The Communications team consists of a specialist, a vice president and a chosen number of board members.

Working on the board

Considering time, working on the board is comparable to a part time job. Sometimes full days may be required.

A compensation is paid so that members of the board wouldn’t need to work alongside their studies and being part of the board. The workload is evaluated at least on a monthly basis and the compensation is scaled in regards to it.

The board’s term is the calendar year of 2022.


If you are studying in Haaga-Helia you can join your Student Union!

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