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Helgan 8 Päivän Wappu: Operation Suomenlinna (ESN Helga)

20. huhtikuun KLO 14:00 - 20:00

🎈Vappu and Suomenlinna are calling! 🎉

🫵 This year ESN Helga, ESN Laurea and ESN Metropolia together draft you all for a special mission of Operation Suomenlinna to the historical Sea Fortress of Helsinki!
🔥 As part of the 3AMK Vappu Weeks of Helga, Laureamko and Metka, Operation Suomenlinna is a checkpoint race where you perform different tasks and challenges, but at the same time you all have a special mission to conclude:
Our mascots, Cornelius🦄, Harry🐹 and Matti🐺, have escaped from us and are preparing to ruin everyone’s Vappu! We need your help to catch them before it’s too late. The mascots have a hide-out somewhere in the Sea Fortress of Suomenlinna, and they have mounted obstacles to keep everyone far away from their whereabouts.
🫡 To complete Operation Suomenlinna you need to overcome a number of special missions at checkpoints and gather clues to locate the mascots before they manage to take Vappu away from us!
⭐️ Gather your group of special forces and prepare to conquer this important operation to save Vappu!

‼️ The whole checkpoint race takes place in Suomenlinna starting from Iso Mustasaari.

WHAT: Operation Suomenlinna – ESN’s Vappu Event
WHEN: Saturday 20.4. at 14:00 – 20:00
WHERE: Suomenlinna Sea Fortess
DRESSCODE: Coveralls
– Wappu Pass / Member: 4 €
– No Pass / Non-member: 8 €

All ticket types include event, wappu pass stamp and a patch!

All holders of Helga’s, Metka’s or Laureamko’s Wappu Pass and/or members of ESN are eligible for the lower ticket price!

Everyone without the above listed Wappu Passes or ESN membership are not eligible for a lowered price. Passes and memberships are checked during ticket inspection!


20. huhtikuun
14:00 - 20:00