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Apply SAMOK and OLL mandates

The Representative Council meeting on 20 of May will decide who will be the candidate for the SAMOK and OLL boards for the year 2025. The mandate does not guarantee that the candidate will get into SAMOK or OLL, but it guarantees the opportunity to be the Student Union Helga’s candidate. The Student Union and its specialists will support the candidate throughout the election period. Candidates are expected to have time and commitment during the election period, when they will participate in various discussion panels, meet and present themselves to various stakeholders, and negotiate the upcoming elections. SAMOK’s members for the year 2025 will be elected at the general assembly in October. OLL board will be elected in November 2024. The term of office begins on 1.1.2025 and ends on 31.12.2025. You can apply for the mandate by sending a free-form application to Helga’s Representative Council by e-mail ( or by standing as a candidate at the meeting on 20 of May. More information about the meeting will be announced later. The applicant must be a member of Helga and commit to its values ​​and political program. The official operation languages of SAMOK and OLL are Finnish and Swedish.

If you are studying in Haaga-Helia you can join your Student Union!

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