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New Students Guide

Uuden Opiskelijan Opas

Hello new student!

Welcome to Haaga-Helia and part of our Helga community. In this post we have collected every info you need for your first steps as a new student. Haaga-Helia has also a guide for new students in Haaga-Helia.

What is Helga?

Helga is the Student Union of Haaga-Helia, whose statutory function is to provide support and help to all our students in advocacy matters from orientation week to the end of their studies. You can be part of Helga’s activities in many ways, such as attending our events, participating in club activities or Helga’s Speksi, applying for the tutor, or influencing decisions that affect all of us on Helga’s Representative Council.

Membership – how to become a Helga member?

You can easily become a member of Helga via If you have not yet registered for the service, you must first register to When purchasing the student union membership, you need your own student number, the e-mail address issued by the University of Applied Sciences and the campus, degree program, and start date of the studies for the introduction of a digital student card.

Through, you can also conveniently buy coveralls patches and other accessories, as well as tickets for student events. The easiest way to pay is with Pivo or Mobilepay, but you can also enter your bank card information into the service.

Helga Opiskelijatunniste

Student ID

Ordering a physical student card will no longer be possible and the member ID will move to a digital format exclusively. With the digital member ID, you redeem local and national student benefits and prove your membership conveniently by phone.

If you have questiones or problems you can always contact us via our customer service chat or by sending an email to Remember to be as specific as you can in case you are contacting us in case of a problem. In problems regarding Student ID you can also contact Slice ( or Pivo (


In the app you can browse student benefits based on i.e. location, company, field of business or with keyword. In addition the app contains one-time benefits or for longer time. Digital student card is valid for student status confirmation and it accepted by Kela, Matkahuolto and VR. When you want to use the student benefits, open the digital student ID found in the app

How do I enable Slice?

1. Go to
2. Fill the form to receive the activation code
3. Download the Slice app from Google Play or App Store
4. Give the app the permission to use your phone´s gallery
5. Open the app and log in with the username and password you received in your email
6. Accept terms and your done!



Pivo presents a service solution that includes a Mobile Student Card and a student benefit program. A mobile student card means a digital student ID in the Pivo Wallet and provided by Pivo, which serves as proof of student status and which has been approved by Kela, Matkahuolto and VR.

In Pivo you find all benefits and discounts like by Slice, and benefits which you can find only in Pivo.

How do I enable Pivo?

1. Download Pivo to your phone and enable it with your online banking credentials
2. Open Pivo, press “Student Card” button and choose Helga
4. Follow the app´s instructions to create a Student ID for yourself

Helga Point jäsenpalvelupiste

Memberservices Helga Point

Helga Point is a service point where students can get help and service during opening hours! You can find a Helga Point from all of the campuses: in Pasila from 2nd floor and in Haaga, Malmi, Porvoo and Vierumäki from local associations offices.

Helga Point opening hours:
Pasila – Helga
Haaga – Pore ry
Malmi – Hattara ry
Porvoo – HePo ry
Vierumäki – Tahkon Talli ry

Helgan jäsen voi hyödyntää myös muiden pääkaupunkiseudun opiskelijakuntien jäsenpalvelupisteitä!

Student Coveralls

Coveralls are the official students´uniform. They create a sense of community, and make it easier for you to recognize your fellow students. Helga´s coveralls are petrol blue, and they are used by all Haaga-Helia students. Every coverall purchase comes with the official coverall etiquette, which tells you how to wear your coveralls correctly.

The price of the coverall is 39 euros for Helga members and 78 euros for others. The coveralls package is 45 euros and available for a limited time, which in addition to the overalls includes a canvas bag, the Helga overalls badge, and a shot or champagne glass of your choice. You can get your coveralls from Helga Points or from

Helga fuksiaiset

The Freshers´ Day

The Freshers’ Day is an event for you new student!

The purpose of The Freshers’ Day is to group new students, introduce our student culture and different associations in Haaga-Helia and have fun with your new student friends.

This year The Freshers’ Day will be organized at 3rd of February remotely. This spring our theme is Hollywood. If you have started your studies in the autumn of 2020 or this spring, this event is for you.

You get tickets for The Freshers’ Day with your tutor.



All the UAS degree students of Haaga-Helia has right to use FSHS (Finnish Student Health Service) services. You can find all the FSHS services here. You can book appointment from Self service or by phone in FSHS callback service. At this moment the Self service is not open for appointment booking.

FSHS payment is mandatory and you can pay it in Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland). The payment is 35,80 for semester and you can pay both semesters of the year 2021 already. The first due date for payment is 31st of January.

Helga Yogobe

Zone & Yogobe

As a Helga member you get Zone sportspass and Yogobe wellbeing service.

In Zone you have 8 UAS campus with sport services in the Helsinki metropolitan area. With Zone sportspass you can reserve spots for ball sport shifts and sport halls, participate in instructed classes, use gyms and participate in Zone’s sport courses with dicount prices. After activating Zone services you also get Yogobe. With Yogobe you can do yoga anywhere and anytime and get tips to promote your wellbeing.

You can get the sportspass from Helga’s customer service in Helga point Pasila or via our customer service chat. From the chat you get all the online services from Helga point you can get the Zone sportpass.

Before contacting us you can already register in Zone sports in Zone’s website.

You can read more about the sports services here.

If you are studying in Haaga-Helia you can join your Student Union!

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